Japanese Onishi Yasuaki presents his work Reverse of Volume for the festival Maintenant in Rennes.

The vernissage, open to all, will take place on the 4th October at 7pm (address : Les Champs Libres, Salle Anita Conti, 10 cours des Alliés). The exhibition will continue until the 20th October.

Here are shown two images that show the stages of his creative process, this work currently in preparation for the show at Rennes.

Onishi Yasuaki, Reverse of Volume, Work in Progress (Day 1)

Onishi Yasuaki, Reverse of Volume, Work in Progress (Day 4)

To define his creative process, the artiste speaks of "capturing the invisible": bring forth the trace of something that was there, yet is no longer.

Son œuvre "Reverse of Volume" achevée, Les Champs Libres, Rennes (Festical Maintenant)

Onishi Yasuaki also creates transportables works, such as Inside Volume, shown in Tokyo, Japan, in 2015 for the Prize "Art in the Office CCC Awards".

Recent work "Inside Volume", exhibited by Daikanyama T-SITE Garden Gallery, Tokyo Japan

Texte : Maison Bleu Studio 2016