Jeong Yunkyung

Jeong Yunkyung, born in Korea in 1981, lives and works in London.

Through bringing together oriental and occidental influences in her paintings, Yun-Kyung Jeong’s works are an artist’s pursuit of a natural Utopia. The recurrence of a leaf motif that represents the unity of the elements, Jeong portrays the imperceptible and subtle collisions resulting from collisions of innumerable elements that compose the world. Jeong’s work meticulously explores different combinations of the repeated motif in compositions that have the quality of an optical illusion in the play with depth, combined with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, also referencing Gothic architecture. As such constructions are considered to have a visual similarity with natural forms, this can be seen as a meeting point or collision of Eastern and Western values. In contrast to occidental assumptions of the dominance of man over animals, Eastern philosophies such as animism propose a sense of equality.

Gérard Xuriguera:

Inspired by gothic ruins, specifically those she has seen represented in works by Turner, in the period in which the latter was still an illustrator following the taste of the early romantic authors for antique and medieval architectural ruins, the Korean artist Jeong Yunkyung draws, meticulously, conifer and other resinous forests in pearly acrylic, embellished with snowy or ashy hues. Between their branches appear multi-leveled pagodas (« Vert of Walls », 2013) or porticos and turrets (« Culmination II », 2013)... by their absence: their silhouettes form pure white plains, raising emptiness.