Huang Xin

Huang Xin, born in 1993 in Shandong, China, is a young artist working in the medium of photography and digital editing. His recent two series, “Landscape” and “Memories and structures” have received the interest of fellow Chinese photographer Liu Bolin, who said of his series “Memories and structures”, “even as he says nothing, he says everything”. This observation references Zen philosophy: existing is non-existence; to not exist is true existence.

“We live in a violent age, it’s a soft type of violence... I employ the sharp-edged shape that enters the “Seascapes” as an expression of this barbarous age, and my own feeling of barbarity. But originally this shape comes that form in the centre of the “Landscapes” series, a shape I discovered in the local environment and then extracted and employed in the abstract series.”


Imbued with the doctrine of Non-Action, at the heart of traditional Taoism, Chinese artist Huang Xin pans his camera through empty spaces, in which the objects of his focus position their inertia in the centre of vague landscapes... following the series « Landscapes », 2015, capturing concrete parallelepipoids (piled-up breezeblocks etc.), the form of the latter be- comes simplified in clean-edged rectangular abstractions on a blurred lineal horizon backdrop, as if these coloured plains were concealing something, or censuring an absence... Rothko and Malevitch seem at times to reappear here, but they are but a jumping-off point for a philosophy simultaneously rational and wandering.