Chang Ling

Chang Ling is a Taiwanese artist born in 1975 in Hualien, working and living in Taiwan. He depicts “expressionism alive”. 

Under the nocturnal skies of desire, Taiwanese artist Chang Ling has previously painted eroticism in pink in the series « Pork Belly », 2007, in which he endows pigs with this colour (even though in Asia pigs are generally black), also lending it to naked dancers of the unusual Pignose tribe who wear snout-masks. In his most recent works (« Untitled » series, 2015), still characterized by enigmatic silhouettes, we are shown a charcoal grey background against which moves long sinuous organic shape, and below this appears an unexpected small Christ-like image... though it could be a stray Santa Claus with his sack. And, going to the top of the image, eye-sockets in a square of co- louring that suggest something both fiery and watery, seem to be trying to stare us down, leaving us with an unsettled feeling. But who are these characters from another world? “Having crossed over the bridge”, writes Aragon, “We were met by ghosts”. At times recalling the acid carnivals of James Ensor, the work of Chang Ling wavers between the expressionist and the fantastic.