Dasha Fursey

Dasha Fursey is a Russian artist living between Saint Petersberg and Paris.

Working in the mediums of sculpture, installation and painting, her work denotes influence from Russian Constructivism, Op-Art and Neo-Pop.

Her works frequently feature mushrooms, roosters (recalling Chagall), and also the Dymkovo Russian folk-art toy, in present day a popular souvenir purchased in vast quantites by tourists. 

Her work exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery show "Cans throughout the times" featured Boundary Post Of A Cat Bajun, a human-sized tower of glass jars containing stained-glass coloured preserves of mushrooms, fruit, vegetables and berries, seems precarious and uncanny, almost teetering on the brink of collapse. The preserves themselves look grubby and desperate, even rustic. You might say they speak of shortage, fear of starvation, rather than indulgence; yet there’s also something laboratorial about their orderliness. This is no longer just food - what this fermenting, organic totem holds could be lethal, a transformative potion, or a Russian landscape preserved forever in formaldehyde.

Her work is shown at Saatchi Gallery London, the Venice Biennale 2009, MART Museum (Italy) and State Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, among others.