Mori Keita

Keita Mori was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1981. He lives and works in Paris.

Keita Mori creates his drawings with cotton son strained and a glue gun. This particular technique of "weave pattern" that develops since 2011 built imaginary landscapes, multidimensional structures, sometimes with empty points. On paper or on the wall, the artist's gesture face works differently depending on the size and form of support. The lines drawn by the wire are unsubtle, but uniform accumulation and son tangled up a universe or a world in which the "bugs" - cracks, imperfections that are as unpredictable is uncontrollable - appear. And that is the spirit of the spectators who rebuilt the space to suit their imaginations.

Located in the world capital of high fashion, Keita Mori Art produces both Japanese and Parisian, and draws as a boss overcasts frame, but replacing the needle with a glue gun. It is difficult to get an overall picture of the work of Keita Mori, to the extent that he works "in situ", on the same place of his project. What we know is what we could see in previous accomplishments, articulated on various parietal supports. Its mode of action is focused on its large woven architectural drawings of broken lines, made up of very fine son, glued with a gun designed for this purpose. Therein lies the uniqueness of this exploded writing, made by slatted sequences, where the scattered reality with great economy of means, is constantly reformulating.